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13 December 2019 / News

Predictive analytics win at AI awards


Jaywing wins ‘Best Use of Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics’ at the AI and machine learning awards 2019.

The awards, which recognise the best companies, individuals and projects in the AI space, acknowledged how our AI modelling tool, Archetype, offers organisations a new way to gather valuable insight from data.

Archetype is Jaywing’s predictive analytics modelling product which harnesses the power of neural networks to generate models automatically – resulting in significant uplifts over traditional modelling techniques (as high as 18%).

The flexibility and reliability of the model makes it suitable for credit risk specialists and marketers due to its abilities to model data and either make more accurate credit decisions or for marketing purposes, predict customer behaviour.

All this activity is performed whilst giving significant control to the user and generates fully transparent, explainable outputs.