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Stop reacting. Start predicting. 

Archetype is our AI based modelling suite, backed by a team of data scientists and analysts. Archetype precisely predicts customer behaviour, such as conversion, re-purchase, lapsing, basket abandonment, or credit risk outcomes.

It's easy to use, with just three key steps to define your models, and so is suitable for all data literate professionals that want to drive the biggest possible value out of the data they hold. Compared to traditional approaches, Archetype creates accurate models in a fraction of the time, whilst enabling you to control and understand the resulting model.

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Why Archetype is unique

  • Uniquely powerful. Archetype has the capacity to continuously evolve as your data changes. It's easy to create new models, continuing to let the engine learn against your real-life data. Introduce new data with ease, and control how it’s used through Archetype’s intuitive interface.
  • Uniquely simple. Archetype guides you through a process of uploading your data, making decisions about which data to include, and how complex to make the model. Armed with this information, Archetype produces the best possible model on any outcome from the data you supply.
  • Intuitively better. Accessible via a browser and requiring no IT installation, Archetype's advanced modelling engine uses the latest techniques to improve model development and create better, explainable models at speed. When complete, your models can be executed through Archetype’s API or front end, or they can be deployed directly in your CRM engine in a wide range of code formats.

Virgin Money is able to improve its ability to predict credit card churn by over 16% - showing the potential to refocus marketing spend where it really matters.

Nick Martin Head of Analytics, Virgin Money

Questions Archetype helps to answer...

“How can I develop better-performing predictive data models, such as conversion, re-purchase, lapsing and basket abandonment?”

“I am data literate but not a data scientist – how can I drive much more value from the data my organisation holds?”

“Help can I provide my organisation with granular insight that enables us to develop deeper customer engagement and more personalised communications?”

“How can I redevelop my existing suite of models at speed, and keep them updated frequently?”

“How can I automate processes and free up my team’s time to focus on other tasks?”

Why listen to us?

We work with leading brands across many sectors with a proven approach to accurate, sophisticated AI and machine learning. Get in touch today to find out how Archetype could power your marketing.

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Winner Credit & Collections Technology Awards

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