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Save money. Attribute better.

Attributing the impact of every penny

Goodbye guesswork

Combining individual-level data collection, data matching algorithms and sophisticated mathematical modelling techniques, our unique data-driven approach to attribution is helping Asda measure what activity is working and where to optimise marketing budgets across digital touchpoints most effectively. The insight is being used to determine the best performing activity for customer acquisition. And as the basis for revenue forecasts by channel, with all digital marketing investment decisions driving towards the most valuable touchpoints. Across Grocery and George Fashion, paid digital marketing investment is working better. Much better.


customer journeys’ modelled


touchpoints collected and connected


paid digital spend precisely attributed

This new approach has given us far greater accuracy than traditional approaches and has provided insight into previously excluded channels such as social. Decisions we have made based on insight across channels have increased investment effectiveness and enhanced the customer experience.”

Andy Miles Marketing Effectiveness Manager, Asda