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Driving marketing effectiveness one customer journey at a time


We’re helping Mazda to understand the sales impact of display, social, email and PPC activity. More than audience insight, our analysis has revealed how consumers are influenced by online touch-points, how they interact between brand and dealership websites, and their switching behaviour between channels and devices. Measuring the impact of marketing activity for each model and customer segment is driving new, more effective marketing and media strategies for Mazda. We’ve shown where a lack of spending in display was creating a £1M lost opportunity and precisely where campaign ROI is 5x higher for new customers than existing ones.

A data driven view of performance


customer journeys’ modelled


touchpoints collected and connected


display impressions modelled

Having a data-driven view of the entire user journey and impact of our marketing activity is enabling us to refine our marketing strategy and ultimately improve both the customer journey and brand experience.”

Claire Andrews Marketing Director, Mazda UK