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Comfort in the numbers

Delivering a 32% uplift in orders

It's easy to grow a digital store but not easy to grow a digital brand

Paul Tinsley, Furniture And Choice

A 15-year-old brand, Furniture And Choice saw steady then sudden, rapid growth during the pandemic. In response to its customer’s changing behaviour and needs, the brand looked to broaden reach and awareness, while building on the security of data from a performance marketing base to make more informed decisions. Jaywing's innovative data modelling and measurement has clarified the role and impact of each channel, tactic and message, understanding how channels work together at all moments in the journey. Enabling Furniture And Choice to deliver more personal and relevant content, maximise revenue and increase brand value.

Finding the perfect balance of message and medium has delivered


uplift in orders


increase in Facebook advertising revenue


profit-diluting media spend re-assessed

Jaywing has enabled our brand and performance activity to work closely together, maximising impact through smart targeting and refinement based on performance feedback and optimisation activity. As a result, we’ve expanded our thinking, grown our brand to new audiences in new channels and can adapt with confidence as circumstances change.”

Paul Tinsley Brand, Marketing & Development Director, Furniture and Choice


Winner Northern Digital Awards 2020

Best Affiliate Campaign

Shortlisted Performance Marketing Awards 2022

Best Managed Affiliate Programme