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Maintaining ADT's brand position

Leading the way with Decision

ADT and Jaywing go way back, with a relationship lasting over 15 years.

While ADT have been making huge technological advancements in the world of home security, we’ve been thinking of new ways for them to optimise sales, as well as shaping and delivering SEO strategies. That’s why we suggested they use our award-winning AI platform, Decision. By connecting Decision to Salesforce, Jaywing has revolutionised ADT’s PPC optimisation model. We’ve done this by finding leads that support the Salesforce funnel, instead of focusing on generating web leads. As a result, ADT has seen an increase in closed sales from PPC by 41% and improved their cost per lead (CPL) by 18%.


Increase in closed sales


Improvement in CPL


Uplift in leads

We’ve seen a 30% uplift in leads with greater than 50% cost reduction per lead. The fact that Decision optimises for total conversions across organic and paid search was a key feature for us, ensuring that we’re maximising the efficiency of google as a key channel for our business.

Andy Ellis President of EMEA and Pacific