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2 December 2022 / Resources

Creative Media, Powered by Science


How do brands know they’re spending on the right channels? Investing in the most valuable customers? Producing and activating the right creative, at the right time?

Jaywing’s media science specialists, Malcolm Clifford, Customer Experience Director, Michael Bates, Head of Media Growth, and Robert Wood, Paid Media Manager, examined these questions at Figaro’s Digital Marketing Summit.

Sharing real life cases of working with Castrol and the English Premier League, Yorkshire Water and an online learning provider, the specialists explored how brands can find and engage the right customers in an ever-evolving media landscape.

Watch the “Creative Media, Powered by Science” video presentation to catch-up on these insights or discover our key takeaways below.



1. The four pillars to success

A marketing strategy is underpinned by four pillars: right people, right time, right place, and right message. For marketing to be effective, all four elements have to come together, as getting any one of them wrong will reduce impact.

All of this can be achieved through an effective data infrastructure, a culture of experimentation and adaptability, and advanced measurement and modelling techniques.

2. Agility is a must

Customers’ behaviours and needs don’t stay the same. And the platforms we use as marketers are constantly changing and adapting to new customer expectations.

To keep up with the fragmented and diverse media landscape, marketing strategies must be rooted in analysis, testing and learning. They need to adapt with your customers. Using measurement techniques alongside data-driven attribution, whereby the value of your customers and creative is assessed from granular data, you can obtain unbiased insights to fuel adaptable, optimised campaigns.

3. Doubt everything, challenge conventional wisdom

The overlap between on and offline interactions and brand and performance approaches has never been greater. Marketers need to challenge the idea that brand and performance are separate. Your customers don’t acknowledge a distinction between these approaches. By using data and analysis to inspire a culture of experimentation, you will build an agile strategy where channels and messages can be deployed coherently for ultimate effectiveness.

4. Unlock powerful insights and personalise with first party data

If you’re not gathering and using first party data, you’re missing a big opportunity.

Whilst customers don’t want you to be ‘intrusive’ and know everything about their lives, they do expect you to understand their shopping preferences, preferred channels and buying journeys. That is exactly what first party data gives you. By using the data to personalise customer experiences you can engage customers better through more effective targeting of communications which create higher engagement with the brand; this in turn will drive more value. Not only that, if you understand the characteristics of the customers from whom you drive most value, you can focus acquisition at finding customers with similar potential. This insight-led view is especially effective in targeting customers who repeat purchase and deliver value over a longer time frame rather than focusing targeting just on CPA or initial transaction value.

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