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8 February 2022 / Resources

How to become a media leader in 2022


Last week we attended Figaro’s Digital Marketing Summit, where Jaywing’s expert panel, Tom Rigden, Commercial Director, and Lucy Thompson, Programmatic and Paid Social Lead, took a deep dive into our work with Stokke and discuss how brands can successfully thrive in the rapidly evolving digital world.

Jaywing’s work with Stokke, a premium children's furniture brand, provides performance activity across all paid channels, elevating the brand’s approach to PPC, Paid Social and Programmatic. We equip Stokke with the tools to drive sales and increase revenue and laterally build brand awareness and reach. This work has enabled Stokke to achieve its business objectives, gather and build data intelligence and harness customer insight to provide a unified view for test and learn strategies. Jaywing has also been shortlisted alongside Stokke for Campaign of the Year at Mediatel's Media Leader Awards 2022.

Watch the ‘How to become a media leader in 2022’ video presentation to learn what performance activity is working across Stokke’s brand and hear the best tips to become a successful media leader in 2022.


Key Takeouts 

Leading Strategies in Brand & Performance

  • Data infrastructure must be prioritised as a necessity for continued positive, relevant, and personalised customer experiences of brands.
  • Introduce a strategy that allows agility in the approach to channel measurement.
  • Take a step beyond multichannel marketing to be smarter with cross channel activity.
  • By harnessing deep insight, brands can be more sophisticated in their targeting approach, responding to customer behaviour across channels, product types and devices to refine marketing activities that offer more personal, contextual, and relevant communications.


Navigating GDPR

  • Automatic Content Recognition allows brands to measure viewership to target ads and personalise content recommendations. ACR technology tracks any device plugged into an ACR-enabled smart TV, including set-top boxes and streaming services like YouTube. That data can then be used to target ads to specific audience segments, recommend shows and movies to viewers and retarget TV viewers with ads on other devices.
  • Ogury generates first-party consented mobile user journey data across brands, apps, and websites. This data provides a unique and reliable understanding of the mobile user journey that helps inform Stokke’s target audience and marketing strategy.
  • Connected TV is a powerful tool for brand awareness. The advantage here is that you do not have to guess which shows your target audiences are watching. Instead, you can build a target audience based on demographic and behavioural signals, then serve ads to specific viewers.
  • Brand intelligence is a propriety tool from our partner Amobee, exploring social listening and what content users are consuming, allowing marketers to access 360-degree insights around a brand’s entire digital footprint and activate advertising in real time.


Building a multi-territory strategy

  • Marketers need to assess how audiences in specific territories consume content. For Stokke, we found that in the UK and Germany for example, audiences consume more video on demand than in other territories, therefore this audience is prime for a Connected TV campaign.
  • A test and learn strategy is key. With such fast-moving channels, brands need to ensure that they are ahead of the game by testing innovative strategies.
  • One size does not fit all – with so many varying audiences and territories, marketers need to ensure that they fully understand their target audience and that messaging is going to the right place – exactly where the consumer is going to be.

If you would like to speak with Lucy Thompson about how Jaywing can help with your performance activity, please contact us at [email protected] or find out more about the extensive work we have achieved with Stokke here.