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28 July 2022 / Resources

Employing data and insight to build brand and drive performance


At Figaro’s recent Digital Marketing Summit, Jaywing’s expert panel; Dr Catherine Kelly, Managing Director Media and Science, and Chris Dowse, Integrated Strategy Director, took a deep dive into our work with Furniture And Choice and discussed how employing data and insight to deliver marketing can build brands and drive performance.

As the world has evolved, marketers have had to start thinking differently about brand, performance and media. The ongoing debate on balancing the role of short-term activity, which converts in-market demand, and long-term brand-building, creating that in-market demand, continues. To drive long-term revenue growth, we show the benefits of not looking at brand and performance as two separate streams of activity but as one joined up strategy. This joined up creative and media strategy can be deployed, and measured using short-term online metrics to measure immediate performance and provide indicators for the success of long-term brand building.

Jaywing’s work with Furniture And Choice was based on deep insight into audiences, the market and understanding of previous marketing activity. The strategy has given them a roadmap to broaden reach and awareness for the brand while building on the security of data from a performance marketing base to make better informed decisions. Equipping Furniture And Choice with the tools to measure the role and impact of each channel, tactic, and message enables the brand to understand how channels work together throughout the customer journey. This work will enable Furniture And Choice to achieve its business objectives, deliver more personal and relevant content, maximise revenue and increase brand value.

Watch the ‘Data & Insight Driving Brand & Performance’ video presentation to learn how media activity is working across Furniture And Choice’s brand and hear the best ways to maximise brand and performance strategies.  

Key Takeouts 

Brand & Performance – Two sides of the same coin  

  • There is no one neat linear customer journey. Customers move between channels. It's not true to say that offline activity drives brand and online activity is performance. Brand and performance are two sides of the same coin.
  • Ensuring that brand and performance strategies are devised together means brand-building activity can fill the top of the funnel and create new audiences, whilst performance marketing harvests that demand.
  • Understanding a brand and its position is what allows us to create effective media and creative strategies and it is the two combined that lead to customer attention and effective marketing outcomes.
  • For Furniture And Choice, we adapted its strategy through measurement and insight combined with experiment-and-learn tactics to ensure brand and performance become more collaborative and co-dependent, enabling the brand to make more informed marketing investment decisions.


Data underpins everything

  • Customer data is the most valuable asset for brands. Understanding who the customer is, what their drivers are and how best to connect with them is all information that will be central to marketers’ strategies when aligning messaging.
  • It is also imperative to understand the market data. For Furniture And Choice, who are in a highly competitive category, recognising its competitors, their marketing spend by channel and marketing investment trends will unlock insights and reveal untapped value and areas of opportunity to challenge.


A 360-degree view of marketing impact

  • Employing a unified approach to linking activity across the funnel is critical to demonstrate a 360-degree view of marketing effectiveness.
  • Econometric modelling identifies drivers of business sales including ARL and external influences such as competitors and economic factors.
  • Marketing Attribution is complimentary of the econometric model as it provides the tools to understand what campaigns are working most effectively, how channels work together and their role in the customer journey.
  • Biometrics enables us to understand the emotional response to creative which is critical to getting attention for the brand.

If you would like to speak with Dr Catherine Kelly or Chris Dowse about how Jaywing can help with your media activity, please contact us at [email protected] or find out more about the extensive work we have achieved with Furniture And Choice here.