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31 January 2024 / News

Jaywing wins Best Digital Marketing Campaign at Northern Digital Awards


Jaywing is delighted to announce that we have been awarded ‘Best Digital Marketing Campaign - B2B’ by the Northern Digital Awards for a disruptive mental health campaign in partnership with Ironmongery Direct and Electrical Direct. 

We received the commendation for our impactful and attention-grabbing stunt, which effectively cut through the noise to bring heightened awareness to mental health within the tradespeople community. The recognition underscores the campaign's success in addressing a critical and growing concern in an industry where mental health awareness is of utmost importance. The powerful stunt not only captured attention, but also contributed significantly to the ongoing dialogue surrounding mental well-being within the trades. 

The campaign, fostering vital discussions on mental health within the sector and attaining viral success across various channels, clinched victory on the strength of its exceptional results, the first of which was its disruptive stunt in London's bustling West End. This involved stitching 687 high-vis vests to form a poignant 12-meter-tall mural. This symbolic representation aimed to visualise the average number of UK tradespeople who tragically die by suicide annually. 

The unveiled artwork, strategically positioned at a construction site on Charing Cross Road, just outside Tottenham Court Road station, marked the commencement of Mental Health Awareness Week. Featuring the sobering statistic and a compelling call to 'give mental health higher visibility,' the mural served as a powerful visual reminder and catalyst for meaningful conversations within the heart of London. 

Not only did the initiative drive a marked increase in unique visitors to site and revenue, but the story also secured widespread PR coverage, featuring in trade and national publications including The Guardian and The Evening Standard. The campaign contributed to a vast media reach of 305 million and 1.1 million estimated views, and even made an appearance on BBC’s The One Show. 

On social media, it reached an impressive 49 million people, garnering 103,000 shares, 40,000 likes, and 2,500 comments. Video content associated with the campaign received over 420,000 views, including 275,000 on Ironmongery Direct's channels. 

The sustained impact was evident as a supporting data-led report, which featured findings from Jaywing’s survey of UK tradespeople, was visited over 6,000 times, contributing to a remarkable 533% year-on-year increase in web traffic. The report now holds the top position on Google for 'tradespeople mental health'. 

Charlie Carlton, Managing Director at Ironmongery Direct and Electrical Direct said:  

“For over three years, Jaywing has been an invaluable partner, working alongside us to shed light on the crucial issue of mental health in the construction industry. We're delighted with what the campaign has achieved, and by working together, we have succeeded in not only sparking vital conversations among tradespeople, but also solidifying our business as a trusted source for mental health information and advice in the trade.  

"Jaywing's execution of the campaign demonstrated both professionalism and sensitivity, and the results and impact have not only met but exceeded our expectations, echoing the success achieved in previous years.” 

Jaywing, Ironmongery Direct and ElectricalDirect, earned commendation for the tangible impact of the campaign—the mural, which stood prominently for five months and was seen in person by an estimated 16 million people. 

The judges commented: “This campaign was truly exceptional, seamlessly blending digital marketing with traditional methods. The choice of campaign topic was both engaging and thought-provoking. It not only achieved commercial success but also raised awareness for an important cause. A great demonstration of the campaign's dual impact.” 

Jaywing also received praise for our pioneering use of technology, notably leveraging econometrics to gauge the genuine commercial impact of PR. This proved that the mental health campaign drove thousands of visitors to the Ironmongery Direct site, which can be attributed to revenue using average conversion rate and order value. This innovative approach within the marketing field demonstrates our commitment to pushing boundaries and employing cutting-edge methodologies to provide a deeper and more accurate understanding of the tangible outcomes of campaigns. The acknowledgment underscores our dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry by integrating advanced technologies into our strategic practices. 

Catherine Kelly, Managing Director at Jaywing, said: "This campaign and award win underscore the transformative impact achievable even on a limited budget. We are incredibly proud to have unveiled industry challenges, ignited meaningful conversations, and fostered remarkable organic and commercial growth for IronmongeryDirect and ElectricalDirect with our resourceful approach." 

As well as being shortlisted for Best Digital Marketing Campaign – B2B, Jaywing was also nominated for the Best Integrated Campaign award, showcasing our groundbreaking work undertaken in collaboration with Yorkshire Water for our Reservoir Safety campaign.