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30 November 2021 / News

Jaywing ‘Dead Happy’ with life insurance disruptor win


Following a series of consultations, Leicester based life insurance disruptor brand DeadHappy has chosen Jaywing to deliver a new PPC strategy with its proprietary AI-fuelled PPC platform, Decision.

Jaywing was selected after forecasts from its award-winning proprietary technology, Decision, showed proof of concept through strong commercial gains modelling. The use of Decision will support DeadHappy’s TV, media and social activity into 2022.

DeadHappy was formed in 2013 to provide a place where people can think about, plan for and share what they want to happen when they shuffle off this mortal coil. All in the hope of encouraging conversation on death planning and, hopefully one day, change attitudes towards death.

As an insurance industry disruptor DeadHappy has already attracted hundreds of thousands of fans to their fresh, frank and thought-provoking approach to life insurance with their Deathwish product range. A concept that goes beyond life insurance, Deathwishes allow customers to consider practical aspects of death planning as well as give them the option to cover emotional touchpoints such as thoughtful gifts, which can be sent to someone on special occasions. The ultimate advice being ‘Please Die Responsibly’.


Lucy Holton, Head of Growth at Dead Happy says,

“As a rapid growing start up, PPC still holds an enormous amount of potential for us. Jaywing’s Decision technology offers us robust testing and a deeply scientific approach to PPC management. By operating within strict CPA targets we expect to be able to deliver a stronger proposition overall, supporting our goal to unlock further funding to build on the strong sustainable position we have created as a challenger brand.”

Ben O'Brien at Jaywing says, 

“Decision was created due to our teams experience with the limitations and frustrations of other bid-management tools, it’s a unique product - an AI media buying and pricing strategy engine; primarily designed to optimise itself in real-time to manage paid media spend that delivers more leads or sales for less. Decision has propelled award-winning campaigns for other clients and we are confident in delivering exceptional results for DeadHappy and helping them fulfil their brand awareness and sales goals.”