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11 February 2021 / Resources

Humanising Retail Banking in 2021


Consumer interaction within the financial services sector is fundamentally and rapidly changing, presenting a huge opportunity for retail banks.

The widespread adoption of ‘always-on’ connectivity means that customers are no longer limited to the traditional ways of communication. While considerable measures have been taken to cater to the needs of today’s connected consumer, it’s vital for banks to find a balance between bringing traditional customer service into a digital age and creating an experience that has a human element at its core.

As the pace of the industry accelerated over the course of the pandemic, we examine the balance between digitisation and humanisation in the ever-evolving retail banking landscape. 

How can banking brands ensure that digital immediacy is balanced with human empathy? Can an interface ever truly replace human interaction? Who does digitisation leave behind? Following the collaborative Humanising Retail Banking webinar with HSBC, our whitepaper looks to answer these key questions and provide banks with clarity in a seemingly chaotic landscape.

Take a look here.