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21 January 2021 / Opinion

Webinar Recap: Humanising Retail Banking


Earlier this week, we were delighted to be joined by Harry Parkes, Global Head of Product at HSBC, to discuss how banks can find the perfect balance between digitisation and human contact.

The consumer appetite for digital immediacy is undeniable in 2021. However, so is the need for reassurance from human interaction, especially during COVID-19. Our Commercial Director, Tom Rigden, joined Harry to discuss this complex balance and gain insight into how to provide exceptional customer experiences in the digital landscape.

If you missed the live webinar, watch the full recording here:



  • We should never 100% digitise every aspect of retail banking 
  • The human touch is almost always required for high-stress ‘moment of truth’ scenarios 
  • A frictionless experience is the goal, however in some instances, friction can be a positive thing especially when it comes to decision-making
  • Digitised experiences should be designed based on customer requirements 
  • Digitisation should leverage data, intelligence and friction reduction but always provide a human backup 

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