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29 May 2018 / Opinion

Using Facebook to target holiday-makers

Nina Howard / Paid Media Specialist

Dreaming of blue sea and white sandy beaches, or the hustle and bustle of a city break? Where do you go for holiday inspiration? Do you spend hours scrolling through Instagram pictures or checking out Facebook pages of exotic resorts?

According to Facebook data, 68% of millennials came across ideas for a trip away on Facebook, and 60% of millennials did the same on Instagram.

Facebook has created a new way to interact with these in-market holiday shoppers with a new optimisation option. The aim is to get in front of the user while they’re in the early consideration stage, with the best deals that are most relevant to them.

And who doesn’t want to see useful flights or hotel prices for a destination you are considering, while you’re pouring over your favourite Instagram travel accounts?

How this works in practice

For example, say the user has exhibited behaviour around an event, such as Coachella or a hen do abroad, but not yet booked the specific details. With Facebook trip consideration targeting, you can get in front of these in-market users with, for example, relevant deals for flights or hotels.

Last year Facebook released Dynamic Ads for Travel with three major updates:

  • Combining the Collection Ad with Dynamic, which is a combination of the immersive elements of a Collection Ad, while also housing useful specific offers the user has already looked at.
  • Adding a trusted list of friends who have previously visited the city being advertised, to encourage a positive response.
  • And an option to select broad audience targeting, used to target people based on what they have already browsed, or as an upsell tactic based on what they have recently booked.

This new Trip Consideration update doesn’t rely on a feed, instead it sits much further up the conversion funnel than Dynamic, and allows the advertisers to test different creatives and offers.

This exciting Facebook update is a clever way to update a travel campaign, but don’t forget, social networks are set to take a quarter of digital ad spend in 2018. Meaning Paid Social, not just Facebook, is really stepping up a gear - and so should your campaigns.