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6 November 2023 / Opinion

The Marketing Effectiveness Series


Welcome to our effectiveness series, your backstage pass to Jaywing’s experts. Eavesdrop on specialists across the integrated agency as they discuss the evolving marketing landscape and how to maximise activities and spend.

Delve into the videos to learn how to translate marketing language into the language of the boardroom, and keep an eye on this page as we’ll share a new episode of the four part series every week.

EPISODE 1: Bridging the Gap - CMOs & CFOs

Jaywing's Chief Finance Officer, Chris Hughes, and Managing Director, Dr Catherine Kelly, unravel the secrets behind these internal power struggles and, more importantly, unpack the path to a seamless collaboration through econometrics models.

EPISODE 2: Data Driven Marketing -The Key to Effectiveness

Jaywing’s Customer Experience Director, Malcolm Clifford, and Analysis Director, Karen Snape, discuss how customer analysis can elevate marketing strategies, safeguard budgets in challenging times, and foster a data-driven mindset within your business. Watch as they unpack how to harness the power of first-party data, analysis techniques, and measurement tools like attribution and econometrics models.

EPISODE 3: Proving the commercial impact of PR

PR lead, Jamie Crane, and Head of Analysis and Modelling, Matt Triggs, demystify the longstanding challenge of measuring PR's impact on the bottom line. They tackle the historic difficulty in gauging PR's true commercial impact, and unpack how they overcome this issue using measurement techniques.

EPISODE 4: Media Investment - From Brief to Boardroom

Paid Media Director, Hannah McNally, and Integrated Strategy Director, Chris Dowse, dissect the dynamic media landscape, including how stakeholders and clients are demanding increasingly more certainty in marketing investments. They unpack the pivotal role of econometrics and robust reporting in proving ROI, especially for brands leveraging creative collateral and utilising multiple media touchpoints.

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