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21 November 2019 / Opinion

Snippet! Organic search event round-up


This month, we held our first Snippet! organic search event, designed to give marketers actionable tips to improve their organic performance and user experience.

This blog post will explore some of the key themes from the day’s talks, and you can find out more by viewing the slides from our speakers, or get in touch with us directly.

SEO everywhere: Using SEO techniques to improve other channels - Malcolm Slade

In this presentation, Malc talks through how he uses his technical SEO knowledge to empower other channel strategies, and why he sees this as the differentiator between ‘top of page two SEO’ and SEO that gets you where you really want to be.

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How to get migrations right - Meghan Burton

Every migration comes with risk, even ones that appear simple. It’s easy to confuse search engines and by doing so, confuse your users. This presentation covers what you should do for your migration and what your agency or SEO team should be doing to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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Content that wins round robots and users - Tom Richardson, Irwin Mitchell

In a partnership that spans five years, Epiphany & Irwin Mitchell have implemented a truly user-first content strategy which has driven outstanding results. In this presentation, Tom talked through how Irwin Mitchell catered for complex user intents and needs with content to drive organic growth.

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What’s the value of a link? - Paul Madden, Kerboo

With extensive experience in the SEO world and years of speaking on the topic of links; Paul Madden joined us from Kerboo to talk about the value of links in 2020 and beyond. In this presentation, you’ll learn about the history of links as Google’s primary signal, Google’s war on the abuse of links as a signal, the changing role of links in SEO and finally; what the future holds for links as a signal.

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Awesomeness = UX & SEO - Emma Travis

Earlier this year, Google’s John Mueller tweeted that “Awesomeness = UX & SEO”. Emma looked into why we live and breathe this statement at Epiphany, and the actions you can take to improve your rankings through true collaboration with UX efforts. If you’d like us to conduct a piece of user research for your site in our new UX lab, Mindseye, please get in touch with Emma for more details.

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Realising the true marketing & business potential of search data - Paul Norris

Keyword data can reveal your audience’s wants, worries and needs - knowing how to mine it, interpret it, and more importantly, what to do with it, is a huge advantage to informing your wider business and marketing strategy. Paul talked through why you should ditch your traditional “target keyword lists”, how you can find growing opportunities in stagnating markets, and how to get ahead of competitors on emerging trends.

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