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1 November 2017 / Opinion

Leveraging Amazon data in your programmatic campaign

Tom Bottomley / Paid Social & Programmatic Manager

As one of world’s largest online retailers, with 300 million customers worldwide, Amazon harnesses a huge amount of audience data.

To get an idea of just how much audience data; consider that 43% of all US purchases online are on Amazon platforms, and that 55% of online shoppers go directly to Amazon for product searches.

This audience data can only be accessed through the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP). Through our key DSP partners, we’re pleased to say that Epiphany can now use this data, meaning we’re even better placed to be able to achieve our clients’ objectives.

Being able to use this Amazon customer data opens up a vast amount of opportunities for advertisers to get their brand in front of a high intent audience, to promote their own brand and products or drive more traffic to an existing Amazon shop.

It also gives advertisers incremental scale on their campaigns, serving ads across Amazon-owned platforms (e.g. amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, imdb.com) using a first-party dataset, enabling advertisers to tap into a wide range of audiences and with impressions that can’t be accessed through the open exchange.

There’s a wide variety of targeting options, from broad lifestyle segments targeting users who enjoy films, music, cooking, and filming.

This can be drilled down even further to differing degrees of granularity, targeting users in-market for specific categories of items, for example, targeting users in-market for computer ink cartridges, TV’s between £750 – £2,000 and historical fiction books.

Every level of audience data an advertiser would want to tap into for different types of campaign are available.

This new development means that we can reach brand new audiences using data from one of the largest ecommerce sites in the world in a brand-safe environment, on top of the 500+ data signals we already use in our programmatic campaigns.