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11 November 2019 / Opinion

Is your programmatic strategy ready for Black Friday?

Olivia Webster / Programmatic & Paid Social Specialist

If you’re in the retail sector, you’ll be well aware that Black Friday is approaching once again.

Like many other brands, you may be starting to think about where you even start when it comes to strategy planning for the busiest period of the year and if you’re ready for it.

Not to worry, there is still time to get a strategy in place and we’ve got a few tips!

Black Friday is a huge event and provides brands with a chance to provide big discounts and offers for their customers.

Additionally, it’s also a time where brands can advertise heavily across all areas of the funnel and, if they’re good at it, can make a real impact on their future campaigns.

So, how do you create a killer strategy?

To build the foundations of a strong strategy, start by asking the following questions:

  • What is the offer/plan?
  • What’s the goal? Volume? ROAS? Key product(s)?
  • Who is our competition? How do we compare? (quality, pricing, brand perception etc.)
  • How well did we perform in this time period last year?
  • CRM: spend trends and under delivery

Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s important to make sure you have the following elements in place…

Creative ads

Whilst creative is a key aspect of any campaign, it’s especially important around Black Friday because thousands of other brands are competing for the same space. Your creative really needs to stand out from the crowd!

However, don’t try to push too much creative out there, keep it to a maximum of six pieces to help deliver your budget more effectively.


So you’ve got amazing creative, but it means nothing if you don’t show it to the right people. You don’t have time to reach people over a long period of time, so it’s important to connect with people who are ready to purchase there and then.

This can be difficult when competition is fierce and much harder to hit people who are ready to buy so you must think outside the box!

Campaign setup

Setting your campaign up correctly is a must. If you’re using dynamic ads, is your product catalogue setup properly? Is your pixel firing correctly? Are you using campaign budget optimisation? Are you running on multiple placements?

All these and more must be correct and can make or break your campaign.


Your plan should be flexible to ensure that delivery of your ads is not restricted. Always maximise on your placements and keep audiences broad but relevant.


If you find your creative tends to be disapproved on a regular basis, it might be worth rethinking your creative strategy before Black Friday due to a much tighter timeframe.

If you’re considering using your existing creative, why not use Facebook and ask for their opinion? This will give you time to make any necessary amends before the big day.

Following these tips will ensure that Black Friday isn’t as stressful as you first thought. Enjoy it but learn from it too so you can keep improving every year.