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27 March 2020 / Opinion

Client Spotlight: Adzuna

Jodie Maskill / Operations Director

We know how much of a challenge it can be for brands to achieve coverage when the media landscape and news agenda is constantly changing.

Read on to find out how we achieved a huge amount of national coverage and exposure for our client Adzuna during the General Election period, using a mix of tactics, creative thinking and a reactive PR strategy.

Adzuna - A flexible PR strategy to overcome the challenge of the General Election

During December, the media landscape was turbulent following the announcement of a general election. With the news agenda changing on a daily basis and journalists overwhelmed with political content, the team had to adapt the PR strategy to ensure a consistent flow of coverage was still maintained.

About Adzuna:

Adzuna is a search engine for job advertisements. The company operates in 16 countries worldwide and the UK website aggregates job ads from several thousand sources.

Campaign activity

Following the announcement of the general election, the team knew an agile approach needed to be adopted for Adzuna, as national press and journalists were pulled from their usual areas of expertise to cover the election.

Reviewing our upcoming activity for December and into January, the team deployed a variety of tactics to ensure that coverage KPIs could be met. Splitting our activity into different streams with each focusing on a different media niche and campaign objective, we outlined a strategy covering a range of PR tactics. The first tactic we employed was data-led stories, using in house data from Adzuna. We knew this would appeal to business and news reporters across national, business and HR titles who could ultimately link the data back to news agenda. Key topics included live Santa jobs listed on the Adzuna website, a look back at the job market in 2019 and which industries had seen the biggest fluctuations in job vacancies and average salary, and which cities in the UK have seen the biggest salary growth.

Alongside these data-led stories, we also created tip-based content with a particular focus on January, which following a review of YouGov data and Google trends, was identified as a key time for Brits to move careers. Key topics included how to ask your employer for a pay rise in 2020 and top tips for a 2020 career change.

To bolster coverage further, the team reviewed existing content and tools and linked this back to the news agenda, allowing us to target a wide range of media outlets and journalist niches. Key topics included running the Apprentice finalists through our existing Value my CV tool to reveal which finalists CV’s were worth the most. The team also utilised the existing Value my Degree tool ahead of the upcoming UCAS deadline to reveal which degrees could lead to the highest salaries.

Focusing on a combination of lifestyle, hard-hitting business news, popular culture and topical news allowed the team to promote a number of stories to press in a small timeframe. The combination of data-led stories, tip-based content and updating existing content based on the news agenda provided an agile approach to the overall strategy allowing us to ride the storm that was the election, whilst still achieving a high volume of press coverage for our client.


Across December and January, the Adzuna team achieved 70 pieces of coverage in total including 28 in national press and 18 links back to the Adzuna website.

Key publications include The Express, The Tab, The Sun, This is Money, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Record, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Metro, City AM and The Evening Standard.






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