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11 October 2021 / News

Jaywing wins Education Award with The University of Law


Jaywing was tasked to attract, engage, and create a PR strategy with a focus on diversity for The University of Law. A campaign that has won Gold at the CIPR PRide Awards.

Working with The University of Law’s core marketing pillars for 2020/21, we were tasked with generating a creative PR strategy with a specific focus on diversity.

Data from the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority told us that the legal profession had a way to go when it came to representation of those from a BAME background, as well as women and those from poorer backgrounds. Overlaying this with student data from ULaw, we could see that the University was bucking this trend, with a high number of female and BAME students across the board.

This gave us the authority to become a voice in diversifying the industry. We mapped out two core campaigns; Change the World Fund and The Face of Modern Law.

By creating a dedicated page, a £5,000 prize, and a social media strategy, we engaged existing students by posing this simple question. How would you change the world? We saw 1383 visits to the campaign page, a 10.5% increase in referrals, and a legacy.

For The Face or Modern Law campaign, we asked applicants what their expectations were for a legal professional’s ethnicity, social background, and gender. Over 400 likes on Instagram later and a 233.5% increase in story sessions, the results painted a hard-hitting picture. We managed to bring it to life through impactful and creative content for press.

A natural discussion was created, linking perfectly to the mood of the nation and cultural trends. The University of Law saw an 84% increase in enquiry forms and an 18.5% increase in referral traffic.