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24 April 2024 / News

Jaywing nominated for two Performance Marketing Awards


Jaywing has received not one, but two nominations at the upcoming Performance Marketing Awards. Take a look at the impressive achievements that led to these finalist spots.

Best Paid Search Campaign: iD Mobile

Our collaboration with iD Mobile in 2023 aimed to achieve ambitious growth targets through a comprehensive paid search strategy. By leveraging our proprietary technology and close partnership with iD Mobile, we were able to drive an impressive 44% year-over-year growth in orders and a significant 30% increase in confirmed sales. These outstanding results were achieved through a combination of clear objectives, smart execution, innovation and teamwork.

We identified key areas for improvement, including enhancing traffic acquisition efficiency, ensuring a positive bottom-line impact, and improving CPA efficiency at scale. Through innovative techniques such as dynamic ad customisers and targeted audience exclusions, we not only met but exceeded our targets, driving tangible results for our client.

Our success was also fuelled by the collaboration and teamwork of our dedicated specialists, spanning Paid Media, Data Science, Account Management, Strategy, and Creative. This integrated approach, combined with our deep understanding of ID Mobile's business and goals, was instrumental in achieving these remarkable results.


Best use of AI in Performance Marketing: Jaywing’s Decision

Our collaboration with a key client showcased AI's effectiveness in enhancing performance marketing. Over four months, our ecommerce client used our AI tool, Decision, to streamline PPC campaigns, cutting overlap with organic efforts and reducing spending on brand campaigns. The saved funds fuelled new customer acquisition campaigns, resulting in significant growth in customer base and online sales.

Decision's integration represents a revolutionary approach to data-driven decision-making, offering continuous learning and adaptation for ongoing improvement and responsiveness to market changes. This acknowledgment underscores our dedication to innovation and delivering exceptional results, which we have used for clients such as Domino’s and ADT.

This recognition reaffirms our commitment to excellence and innovation in performance marketing. We thank iD Mobiles for their trust and collaboration, as well as the Performance Marketing Awards for acknowledging our achievements.

Roll on the awards ceremony on 16th May!