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9 September 2022 / News

Accelerating growth with the acquisition of Decision


Jaywing has acquired marketing software development business, Midisi Ltd, owners of the intellectual property rights for Decision, an award-winning, AI-powered PPC management platform that has been used to enhance the use of automation and AI for our clients.

This sophisticated model automatically manages PPC auctioning using algorithms to combine evidence from multiple data sources; this enables us to make actionable decisions to maximise performance. Decision is fully automated and self-learning and can adapt to market supply and demand in real time. By removing the human cognitive process from the decision-making process around PPC bidding and campaign timings, Decision has helped clients such as Domino's to earn millions in additional revenue through PPC, for a lower investment.

The acquisition of Midisi will provide a core platform for re-establishing an in-house Research & Development unit to develop and introduce innovative technologies to solve client challenges.

Andrew Fryatt, Jaywing’s chief executive, said: “Digital marketing has now overtaken all other forms of marketing spend in the UK, and this acquisition enables Jaywing to significantly enhance its automation and use of AI, which gives us a strong advantage in this market.

“The acquisition will be earnings-enhancing from the outset, with the removal of the existing licence fee arrangement, and offers huge potential for accelerating growth over the next few years.”

Jaywing’s acquisition of Midisi champions an established and clear role for Decision in solving client challenges and giving them an unfair advantage over competitors. Find out more about Decision and the platform works here or read more about the acquisition of Midisi here.