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With Whisper, we can analyse millions of people's behaviour in minutes. Giving you the insight to make smarter marketing decisions.

Whisper is built on unique, mathematical algorithms that were originally created to analyse terrorist communication networks and autistic brain functions.

We’ve applied the same mathematical algorithms to Twitter, and in doing so have invented the largest, most powerful focus group in the world. It doesn’t just count likes, follows and interactions like other monitoring tools. Whisper uses maths to describe the viral spread of content, and identify who or what is influencing an audience.

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Whisper can add value to:

  • Content & creative strategies. Using social data to gather audience insight and identify influential content to feed into content planning and strategies; either for SEO or marketing campaigns.
  • Crisis PR. Has PR coverage spread virally and is it influencing your audience?
  • Influencer identification. Find both individuals or brands that have influence over your audience to be used as part of content seeding, outreach or partnership activities.

Ten years ago, everything was about followers, virality and engagement. The digital media landscape has radically changed and we needed to rediscover Twitter’s unique purpose amongst our peers - what makes us different and why brands should advertise with us. This research has allowed us to do that.

Dara Nasr Managing Director, of Twitter UK

Whisper can solve your challenges if you're thinking...

"I need insight to build a content strategy"

"Which influencers should I be working with?"

"Is this PR crisis really a PR crisis?"

"What does the audience think of my client's products?"