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9 November 2020 / Resources

Lockdown 2.0 and its effect on consumer behaviour – Christmas and beyond

Sally Rushton / Director of Strategy and Planning

Jaywing's guide to retail success during lockdown 2.0 and how to maximise opportunities around key retail events during Christmas and beyond.

The first truly digital Christmas. A concept that many never thought possible. Yet this unprecedented year continues to surprise, compelling us to adapt and create new ways of thinking.

76% of consumers shifted to online shopping during lockdown earlier this year for items they would usually purchase in-store. What does this mean for lockdown 2.0? How can retailers adapt to this change in shopping habits? How will this manifest in the next few months? What does this mean for Christmas shopping?

As consumer lives are disrupted and the retail industry continues to shift, retailers need clarity in another otherwise chaotic landscape. We uncover key insights that highlight how consumers are choosing to spend this Christmas. Our insight exposes upcoming shopping opportunities and trends with actionable insights for this year’s digital Christmas, and beyond into 2021.

So, what are you waiting for? View a pdf of our latest guide here to discover the impact of the current situation and help you to prepare for the months to come.

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