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8 March 2024 / News

Empowering women in STEM: Jaywing inspires future generations of data scientists


Amidst the increasing demand for specialised data skills in the UK workforce, Jaywing acknowledges the pressing need to address disparities, particularly the underrepresentation of certain groups, notably women, in the data science field. As an award-winning integrated marketing agency, we are committed to taking proactive measures to inspire and empower these groups.

As the Data Science Director at Jaywing, Karen Snape emphasises the importance of inclusive hiring practices: "We recognise the significance of inclusive hiring, especially in addressing the gender gap within our industry. When recruiting for data science roles, we prioritise transparent job adverts that highlight flexible working arrangements and family-friendly policies to attract a diverse range of candidates."

Dr. Catherine Kelly, our Managing Director, underscores the significance of female leadership in fostering an inclusive workplace culture. "Mentorship programs tailored to women and promoting gender diversity in leadership positions are essential for creating an environment where all employees feel valued and empowered to succeed."

In their roles as women in leadership positions, Jaywing’s women in data science are committed to mentoring and supporting women in their career development. Providing guidance and insights from our own experiences can make a significant difference in empowering women to thrive in STEM roles.

Dr. Catherine Kelly further emphasises the importance of transparent family-friendly policies during the recruitment process: "At Jaywing, we believe in creating a supportive environment for employees managing both career and family responsibilities. Our enhanced maternity leave and flexible working arrangements are openly communicated to candidates to ensure transparency and inclusivity."

Mica Allen, one of our Data Science Consultants, stresses the significance of educational outreach and partnerships in inspiring future generations of female data scientists: "Educational initiatives and partnerships with schools and universities play a vital role in raising awareness about STEM career opportunities among young girls."

Abisola Akinjole, a Junior Analyst at Jaywing, emphasises the importance of continuous learning in the rapidly evolving field of data science: "Encouraging participation in industry events and providing opportunities for skill development are crucial for empowering women to thrive in the data science industry."

Jaywing’s data science team has had the pleasure of supporting big brands across the retail and financial services industries, including the likes of Virgin Money and Studio Retail, on transformative projects aimed at optimising their utilisation of data to drive business success.

Through our company initiatives, Jaywing is committed to championing gender diversity and inclusivity, paving the way for a more equitable and representative workforce.