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Preparation is paramount

A brand’s reputation and public perception can sometimes come under fire for the smallest of things and internal teams can be faced with an unexpected crisis that's a challenge to manage.

Many brands have processes in place to ensure a crisis is dealt with efficiently and reputations are kept intact, but the speed at which bad news can now spread online and the life space of negative coverage is today, unparalleled.

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Working together

We believe it is our job to monitor, build and bolster a client’s brand reputation. We work with in-house teams and key stakeholders to prepare for and then ultimately control any issues that could impact business growth, performance and most importantly - reputation.

Whether a client is facing a recurring problem with brand reputation and needs ongoing support, or is experiencing an unexpected crisis, we are here to own and manage the situation and put minds at ease. We will steer any threat through the media and social landscape to protect brand perception at a time when consumer trust is imperative.

Proactively creating brand advocates

Every piece of activity that we carry out is planned and interrogated to ensure that it drives positive conversations and supports brand sentiment objectives. We are proactive in our approach to ensure that customers can become true advocates of a brand and will stand up and support it when a crisis hits.

While we can’t control all the factors that could threaten brand reputation in the future, we can plan for it and limit its impact on the bottom line.

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